Idea skills may be pain in hot days

Idea skills may be pain in hot days

Heat ripple can rob output by slow down think even young and healthy. During the summer heat ripple students live in a dormitory without air improve stable make lower in daily mental test our course of near the week than students live buildings with AC.

The first time we have able to find a harmful effect of heat ripple in young healthy adults.

The living on AC there are long recoil time and low exactness compared the same group of students who live in air improve.

Common temperatures in the air response buildings were 21.4-degree series up to 25 degrees. During the heat ripple students in the buildings no cooling 13.4 percent slow recoil time on the color term tests and  13.3 percent low lots on the math tests compared to live in a dormitory with air improve.

The effects of particularly hot weather have on open population are chance of fading.

No one has known exactly why we don’t look to be smart when we are hot. It may that the body is a drag descent away sure parts of the brain as it tries to cool itself down.

While the 2-degree temperature high in maintaining a temperature may sound not like much and other 30 days of temperature upon 95 degrees each year sound more pressing.

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