Facebook arrest and delay data logic company Crimson Hexagon

Facebook arrest and delay data logic company Crimson Hexagon

Facebook was arrest another logic base company entry user data while considering a hidden break its policy except for a watch.

Boston base logic firm Crimson Hexagon become fresh death after Facebook face disapproval third party how to use its data. The news short that Cambridge Analytica unfit entry user data.

Crimson Hexagon is deal test public Facebook data for buyer plus  Russian aim with laces to multiple US and Kremlin government agencies.

In a blog, post-Crimson Hexagon told the company government buyer are approved to use it place only for special approve use cases that under nonfinancial situation watch a permit use cases.

The data collect Crimson Hexagon Facebook public post on comments user make a Facebook public page about celebrities, brand, event, and companies. In extension, Bingham writes Crimson Hexagon collect social media data that can anyone entry not private data.

Facebook is a charge to help people with information is one of the motives for why he was close to our APIs important last few years.

Facebook investigation display the rational firm as not get any  Instagram or Facebook information improper. The company is a help and they meet this week consider further.

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