Lawyer Record Perhaps unlawful. Trump

Lawyer Record Perhaps unlawful. Trump

Donald Trump denies any guilty day after a report that onetime attorney Michael Cohen heard both debates by the right to story women ask she had a matter of Trump.

Trump told the twitter it is; Perhaps unlawful; a lawyer to record a consumer. Cohen attorney called Trump’s statement unreal. The government would split the lawyer office almost familiar with Trump tweet in outward mention FBI break into on lawyer Cohen in April.

Rudy Giuliani Trump lawyer said record a talk Trump in September two month before election 2016 they talk to buy rights to the story one-time Playboy model, Karen McDougal said she has mattered in Trump.

Giuliani told no encourage purpose was implicated the talk behind Cohen and Trump who has space himself from Trump in just not gone month as  FBI consider Cohen’s business dealings.

A lawyer Cohen  Lanny Davis call  Giuliani and Trump policy imperfect and Trump twitter statement besides Cohen unreal. The election before the Trump encourage deny knowledge of payment to McDougal but record talk could weaken those rejections.

Giuliani the FBI take the recording this year during break into on  Cohen’s office. McDougal said she began about a year-long matter with Trump in 2006 soon after his wife Melania, gave birth.

White House has said Trump denies sex with Daniels. Feds attorney in New York are considered Cohen for a feasible tax fraud, and bank and feasible encourage law break link to 130,000 payment to Daniels and other matters linked to Trump encourage a person well known with them to consider told Reuters.

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