TB on UN summit look for to put highlight on killer diseases

TB on UN summit look for to put highlight on killer diseases

The world,s number one killer among contagious diseases, but consumption exceeds by HIV/AIDS as a core of world notice and donor funding. When world leaders get together the United Nations next month they asked to change that committing ent the consumption occurrence in 2030 and come up with 13 billion per year to achieve that world.

Bill Gates whose world fund are done game change work to boost public health for poor countries will among the headline on September 26 for TB summit.

Bill Gates said TB is not past disease but the world work together to fight it I have no debut can it.

Two months of debate on final notice was a plan to wrap up in July but talks have dragged on after South Africa opposite US plan to delete language that identifies right to poor countries to access reduced medicines.

Last year the World Health Organization report the alarm when it said consumption had best HIV/AIDS as the world´s number one spreading killer and ninth cause of death worldwide.

30-point final notice under debate would commit governments to end the world consumption growth by 2030. 1.7 million people died for TB  in 2016 out of  10.4 million in the whole world. The summit leaders are a word to provide treatment and result to 40 million people with TB from 2018 to 2022 plus 3.5 million children.

The United Nation will present a high-level meeting on 27 September on noncommunicable diseases.


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