Scientists road how yellow fever try to beat between Brazil

Scientists road how yellow fever try to beat between Brazil

The yellow fever virus hides deep in the Amazon jungle until around July 2016 it leaps toward the high populated south Brazil carry by mosquitoes and monkeys that like to bit them.

A speed of about 3.3 kilometers per day virus made its way to farthest away from the big cities Rio de Janeiro and  Sao Paulo places not issue in begins and more than 35 million people are not injecting besides the illness.

Yellow fever a person kill less than 10 days cause damage to the body with symptoms like vomiting, bleeding from the mouth, abdominal pain,  nose, eyes, jaundice, and stomach. 676 people died in the worst spread in yellow fever in Brazil two year later.

People germs 85 percent of men in their 30s, 40s or 50s work or live within a few miles of the jungle home of their monkeys. Analyzes the genomes of monkeys and people are that germs conformed the source of growth.

Brazilian government launched great courage to inject millions of people at the start of this year mainly in the regions of Bahia,  Sao Paulo, and Rio. There are not enough amount of glint lack in the country of 208 million people.

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