how to hold your breath longer underwater while swimming

how to hold your breath longer underwater while swimming

Swimming all exercise demand wealth of Oxygen in your body to keep you soft. You never hold your breath longer underwater while swimming it could cause you to drown and blackout.

Inhale deeply before you start swimming:

Take long deep breath foot of your inside. Your stomach not shoulders your chest should develop with the breath. Once you have full inspiration that swimming start.

Relax before and during your swim:

A relax body muscles and face help you to hold more breath and breath in fact If you swim lose your limbs by wave them out.

Come up to the surface when you need to inhale again:

Your nose and mouth break from the side of the water. Your chest should only be half as long as your expiration.

Practice holding your breath outside of the water:

Breathing exercise can help develop your chest facility.  Practice is comfortable just in case you start to feel unsteady. Couch and bed are ideal places to practice.

push out air from your lungs to increase lung capacity:

Bend over and stand up suck in deeply before try to hold your breath longer underwater while swimming for up to 20 seconds. As hold breath, up over your head, raise your arms.

Exhale while you are underwater:

Holding your breath while underwater may cause you to blackout slow expel through their nose and mouth while underwater. You should push out always stream of bubbles from your nose and mouth.

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